Brett Buzzanga


I'm an Earth Scientist focused on the coast. I'm currently a postdoctoral fellow at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I primarily work with satellite observations to better understand how climatic and geophysical processes contribute to sea-level change. In addition to using radar and laser altimetry to measure the ocean, I apply the remote sensing technique of InSAR to assess vertical land motion, which can worsen the impacts of sea-level rise in coastal communities. I'm a member of the ICESat-2 Science Team, the ARIA and OPERA projects, and a lead developer of the RAiDER software.

More generally, I'm interested in the interface between science and society, and how art can blur the separation. I've written a few essays exploring these dynamics, and am continuously working on music projects that combine them. The purpose here is to gain a bit of insight into the complexity amongst us to help enable a healthy relationship between people and planet.

I hold a PhD in Oceanography and a Masters of Earth Science, both from Old Dominion University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers. When I'm not writing or playing music, I'm likely in the ocean.

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